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Development Engineer 1248913 - Ann Arbor
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  • Bachelor’s or Associate degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology or equivalent
  • good grasp of fundamental engineering principles including mechanics of materials, dynamic systems, and thermodynamics etc.
  • ability to fabricate samples in the lab using strong hands-on skills and experience
  • experience with CAD software
  • experience with 3D printing
  • experience with machining
  • experience with common engineering sensors such as load cells, accelerometers, displacement transducers, strain gauges, pressure transducers, thermocouples, flow meters, and more
  • experience with data acquisition systems and software such as LabView or dSpace
  • ability to learn quickly, work quickly, and stay focused
  • Requirements:**THIS POSITION IS WORKING 100% ONSITE**

Job Responsibilities

  • Design, fabricate, and assemble custom-built experimental setups to measure variables such as force, displacement, pressure, and current.
  • Program and operate data acquisition platforms such as Labview or dSpace
  • Run experiments and record data on a variety of test equipment including mechanical testing machines, vibration shakers, potentiostats, and custom-built setups.
  • Prepare samples for testing using fabrication methods such as laser cutting, stitching, 3D printing, machining, solvent casting, vacuum bagging, and thermal curing.
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with project leaders, managers, and colleagues to accomplish project goals.

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