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Carbon Neutral Catalyst Scientist (1249281) - Ann Arbor
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  • What you bring

  • PhD degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Material Science, or related technical field, or five+ years of practical experience with an MS/BS degree;
  • Direct experience performing materials surface characterization (ex. spectroscopy, chemisorption, physisorption) and evaluation of heterogeneous catalysts;
  • Broad knowledge of fields related to artificial and natural CCUS, including, but not limited to, CO2 sorption, environmental catalysis, electrochemistry/catalysis (ex. electrochemical CO2 capture and conversion), bio-engineering, biochemistry, water chemistry, soil chemistry, etc.
  • Hands-on laboratory experience with clear and documented evidence of safe laboratory practices.
  • First or corresponding author publication in scientific journals.
  • What you may bring

  • Knowledge and experience in methods specific automotive catalyst research, ex. wet impregnation synthesis, packed-bed reactor evaluation (T50, lambda sweep, steady-state), and in situ characterization;
  • Graduate level or job-related experience in projects materials research projects utilizing data-driven techniques such as machine learning and principal component analysis;
  • Established capability in scientific writing and presentation;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills;
  • Track record of innovation leading to the generation of intellectual property (ex. Lead inventor on a patent or patent application, experience in industry-funded projects.)

What you’ll be doing

  • Conduct material synthesis, characterization, and evaluation of nano-structured oxides, metal, and metal alloy materials for application in environmental catalysis, CO2 capture, and CO2 conversion;
  • Investigation of academic and patent literature to propose and implement new materials for environmental catalysis and CCUS and introduce new methods of synthesis and characterization;
  • Analysis of data for identification of material structure-function relationships and communicate with data scientists to seek data-driven approaches to guide materials discovery;
  • Frequently communicate with materials research scientists within the organization;
  • Effectively respond to the challenges emerging in materials research projects;
  • Regularly report and present to the research team and management.
  • Safe and efficient management of a heterogeneous catalyst laboratory

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