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Microsoft WORD/VBA Macro Developer
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Looking for a consultant to assist with the modernization of Microsoft Word Macros. The consultant will examine the current Microsoft Word Macros and work with designees to identify desired features to add or remove, and then will rebuild the Microsoft Word Macros using Microsoft Word Visual Basic for Applications.


a) Meeting via tele or video conference with stakeholders to discuss the Macros (no in-person travel shall be required).

b) Gathering information about existing Macros, identifying modifications needed and developing a scope of work.

c) Presenting a mockup of a new macro via video conference to review and approve.

d) Building the new Macros.

e) Delivering new Macros for user acceptance testing.

f) Adjusting the Macros in response to feedback.

g) Delivering the finished Macros.

h) Training information technology staff on administration and maintenance.

Job Type: 12 month Contract

Salary: $50.00 - $60.00 per hour

Work Location: Remote

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